Microsoft 365 Teams & Groups Governance Webinar

Microsoft 365 Governance

January 26, 2022 | 11:00 AM EST

Microsoft 365 Governance for Teams and Groups

With remote work as a norm, there are estimated 145+ million daily active users of Microsoft teams. Is your IT team equipped with how to better govern the Teams and underlying Groups that makes up the security framework for services in Microsoft 365? How to ensure that several hundreds and thousands of teams created by the corporate users follows corporate policies. A well governed Teams not only helps users achieve productivity but also compliance.

Key topics that will be covered

  1. What are Microsoft Groups and how are they a critical part of the security and services enablement in Microsoft 365?
  2. Services that are tied to Microsoft 365 Groups.
  3. Use cases of Teams, SharePoint OneDrive. Which one is best suited based on use cases?
  4. Teams governance and questions like Who can request/create a team to when and how to decommission a team.

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