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Trusted Alibaba Cloud Partners 

Powered by Alibaba Cloud, we help leading companies design, build, develop, migrate, and manage their applications and workloads on Alibaba Cloud, fast-tracking their journey to the cloud

We partnered with Alibaba Cloud to enable our customers to deploy our server on Alibaba Cloud ECS and scale on their own terms. As data increases, scaling can be managed with Alibaba Cloud, while our customers can focus on driving business development rather than maintaining large, expensive IT infrastructure. 

Unified Platform 

A holistic platform to migrate applications with life-cycle management and fully automated provision. 

High-Speed, Secure Cloud Network 

With VMware NSX, L2-L4 network security, SDDC instances and management components are guaranteed with 99.9% SLA. 

Consistent Infrastructure 

With the same vSphere-based SDDC that's used on-premises without refactoring or re-architecting applications. 

Improved TCO with Cloud Economics 

Migrate to the cloud and save on hardware costs while enjoying consistent management without re-platforming or re-architecting. 

Choose Krish as your Alibaba Cloud Partner 


Reduced Complexity 

A self-service portal with an intuitive user interface. Access Alibaba Express Connect 24/7 from anywhere. 


Greater Flexibility 

It's time to say goodbye to restrictive contracts and long lead times. Configure your cloud connection bandwidth according to your Alibaba Cloud workload 


Improved Performance 

A private connection to Alibaba Express Connect cuts through the public internet, improving efficiency, user experience and performance.  



Platform that combines both software and network architectures to provide true automation and multi-cloud business connectivity. A quick and secure way to connect to your Alibaba Cloud whenever and wherever you need it. 


API Enabled Network 

Facilitates integration with your own or your partners' existing infrastructures and ecosystems. 


Global Reach 

Take advantage of our leading MPLS network and connect seamlessly with a global ecosystem of SaaS, cloud, and business partners.  


Visibility & Monitoring 

Monitoring the performance of your Alibaba Express Connect connection, bandwidth allocation and utilization has never been easier. 


Uptime of 99.999% 

Your business-critical applications will remain accessible irrespective of the performance of the public internet. 

Solve Your Toughest Challenges 

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