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With Krish as your digital transformation partner, benefit from a transformative app modernization experience on the Microsoft Azure cloud. You can re-host, replace, re-platform, re-architect, or rebuild adopted enterprise applications such as ERP, CRM, CMS, and Database Management Apps on Azure.

Seamlessly test revitalized applications, adopt tailored and loosely coupled micro-service, architectures, integrate CI/CD processes, embed serverless functionalities, and deploy them on environments of your choice. Your modernized applications will benefit from hyper-agile performance and flexibility, unmatched availability and scalability, smart security, and uninterrupted resilience.

Streamline your organizational process using DevOps and improve your go-to-market timeline at the best ROI. The Microsoft Azure Cloud gives you a world-class platform for developing advanced AI and cognitive capabilities for your applications.

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App modernization strategies

Modernizing applications on the cloud is essential for revitalizing IT operations and scaling up delivery and service experience. However, due to the lack of experts on app modernization on the cloud, most enterprises only lift and shift applications, and end up with severely limited and degraded performance.

Krish’s comprehensive cloud strategy, development, full-stack architecture, maintenance, and security engineers work together as an extended team to modernize a customer’s application environment on the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Rehash and reboot your applications with the advanced 6 R’s Methodology for extra agility, improved performance, and better customer satisfaction powered by an intelligent Azure cloud back-end.



This modernization strategy is sometimes referred to as "lift-and-shift". This strategy emphasizes speed because it almost requires no code changes. In this process, an organization transfers apps from its previous environment to its current environment in their own form.



This approach falls between re-hosting and refactoring. As part of re-platforming, organizations modify the code of their applications so that they can be used with cloud technologies.


Refactor (or repackage)

Refactoring prioritizes both productivity and speed. This strategy allows apps to connect easily to a cloud-first environment and take advantage of it without requiring significant code changes.



Re-architect might be the best solution if an organization requires cloud scalability. Re-architect allows apps to scale better in the cloud by altering and extending their functionality and code.


Rebuild (or rewrite)

Rebuilding is sometimes the right option for recreating an app using cloud solutions. While it is a heavier lift, it may be necessary if the functionality or lifespan of existing applications has been limited.



A ready-made solution may be needed if an app is unable to meet current or future business requirements even after rebuilding. The use of this approach can be faster than that of a full rebuild and can free up valuable development resources. However, replacing apps may present several challenges, such as affecting existing business processes and limiting future modernization efforts.

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App Modernization Choices

Benefits of app modernization

Accelerated innovation and time to market

Security and reliability

Compatibility and agility

Maximized Efficiency


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