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Managed Cloud

Managed Cloud Services

Regardless of where your IT applications and services are hosted, Krish can handle the day-to-day management of your IT infrastructure. This consistent oversight helps us to ensure the performance and stability of your critical IT assets.

Most organizations are adopting a cloud-first mindset while maximizing legacy infrastructure value. Our cloud migration and testing services eliminate trial and error, keeping your platforms and applications updated and performing at their peak

Comprehensive IT Operations Management

Krish’s IT Operations Management services are ideal for routine cloud administration and can be applied to your cloud environment.

Setup and configuration of cloud platforms and virtual machines

Identity plane and access management

Patching, monitoring, and notifications

Public Hosting Solution

With the advent of public cloud hosting, companies can shift from a capital-intensive IT model to one based on operational expenses. The flexibility of this approach allows you to adjust your IT infrastructure to meet business objectives such as upcoming projects or seasonal stress on servers.

Managed cloud hosting from Krish includes:

  •  Pay for what you need with a flexible and scalable infrastructure
  •  Cloud availability in regions across the globe
  •  Operating systems and hypervisor software that are always up to date
  •  Prompt protection and patching against the latest vulnerabilities·
  •  Complete backup and disaster recovery options (between on-premises locations, Krish facilities, or Azure availability zones)
  •  SSD-compatible block or object storage

Our Managed Cloud Services and Support

Cloud Auditing

By providing the right-sized cloud environments for your use cases and business goals, we can reduce your operational costs and minimize your data center footprint.

Operating Systems

Our cloud experts handle end-to-end operations i.e., from installation to configuration, managed cloud operation systems are delivered securely, audited and maintained with backups and patches.

App Hosting and Management

Your applications can be tuned to run smoothly or troubleshooted if they are overusing resources when they need to be optimized. Our experts will configure and tune your software to make it compatible with your VMware or Azure cloud environment.

Backup & Storage

We perform powerful, secure and thorough remote backup software snapshots of your VMs. The availability of your critical infrastructure and data protection across different regions are made possible with seamless and resilient replication services.

Monitoring and Security

With our cloud experts managing the security of your cloud environment, you can rest easy. Our experts perform auditing, security hardening and constant monitoring to help you avoid ransomware, unautorized data access, DDoS attacks and other common security threats.

Our Managed Cloud Services and Support

Whether it’s a public cloud, private cloud or a hybrid cloud, based on your business requirements, our cloud experts will analyse your operation method and create the ideal environment for your business

In addition to holding MCSE and Microsoft credentials, our cloud consultants are Azure and VMware-certified experts. Our expert cloud management will enable you to connect with legacy infrastructure, and offer you cost savings.

We constantly monitor and manage your virtual machines and cloud platforms. This way, your team can focus on growing your business and enabling employee productivity instead of scaling out, backing up, or troubleshooting.

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