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With Power Automate, you can save time automating your workflows and accomplishing important tasks. By integrating a powerful workflow engine, users can automate workflows, model different processes, and simplify app development.

Users can train bots to perform regular tasks using robotic process automation (RPA). By recording mouse clicks, keyboard usage, and data entry, intelligent workflows can be created. Using Power Automate, both APIs and UIs can be seamlessly automated.

Boost your IT resilience with

Secure Automation

Easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools and low-code enable everyone to build automated processes easily. With Power Automate, automation is made easy with hundreds of pre-built connectors, thousands of templates, and AI assistance.

Maximize efficiency

Process and task mining with Process Advisor allows you to record and visualize the entire process. By providing step-by-step directions for creating flows, it eliminates the uncertainty to the maximum extent and helps in precise automation.

Secure Automation

Power Automate apps will help you achieve easy and quick automation across desktop, web, and mobile devices.

Improved AI workflows

Using AI Builder, you can make your automations even smarter. Create forms quickly with prebuilt models, document automation, text and image detection, and process approvals.

Power Automate for desktop

Create and manage desktop flow in windows.

Power Automate for mobile

Run and manage cloud flow on the go.

Power Automate for web

Create and manage all aspects of your antomation from a central Portal

Power Automate for
Microsoft Teams

Create and manage a Cloud flow in the hub for teamwork

Explore the right automation solution for your business.

With Power Automate, Krish can help you

Maximize productivity

Heavy admin tasks can be automated easily by building efficient workflows and integrating them with 3rd party apps

Establish secure workflows

Make use of the secure cloud-based identity, data loss prevention and access management services.

Maximize efficienct

Your team can focus only on selling while we automate all the repetitive functions of your sales process.

Invest in intelligence

Take advantage of AI capabilities built into the platform, and focus on high-value, strategic opportunities.

Choose from thousands of templates that will help you to reduce the amount of time you spend on everyday menial tasks and become more efficient.

Make use of the secure cloud-based identity, data loss prevention and access management services.

Choose Krish for building your Technology

Being a Microsoft-accredited company, Krish has a strong team of experts who can make the most of Power Automate for your business applications. Our Power Automate team is highly experienced and qualified in designing seamless automations and workflows that can reduce your everyday menial tasks and help your team perform more efficiently, thus driving your business forward.

Our Power Automate team constantly upgrades their skillset which helps them stay up-to-date on all the tools and their best use cases. We, at Krish, follow only the best practices handed out by Microsoft to guarantee that all our clients can gain the highest value from the services we deliver.

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