Krish Services Group

Client: Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute


Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute approached Krish with the requirement to automate their program accessibility process through an easy-to-navigate app for a course that teaches relaxation techniques and strategies for reducing stress.

Web Application


We designed, developed, and provided support for the Stress Free Now application, that allows participants to –

  • Register
  • Access a six-week course
  • Interact with other participants
  • Track their course progress
  • Access participant journal, articles and audio clips

The Way Forward

  • A Responsive Web Application
  • An Interactive Portal
  • A Shopping Cart With Shopify Integration
  • A Personalized “Stress Score” Exam
  • The Articles & Audio Content
  • A Journal Entry Feature

Technology In Use

  • SQL on Azure VMs (IaaS)
  • Visual Studio
  • SharePoint Online
  • Bootstrap & AngularJS
  • HTML5 & JavaScript

MOBILE APP | e-Coaching

Additionally, we developed a mobile application that enables healthcare professionals to –

  • Connect with other health professionals on need-basis via email
  • Share patient status through daily logs of activity, diet, sleep, and health vitals
  • Cater one-to-one advices and motivation to patients when required

The Way Forward

  • A Custom Mobile App Development
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility (iOS & Android)
  • Secure Email Exchange (HIPPA)
  • Fitbit & Garmin Integration

Technology In Use

  • SQL on Azure VMs (IaaS)
  • Bootstrap & AngularJS
  • HTML5 & JavaScript


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