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Disaster Recovery as a Service 

For an efficient Disaster Recovery system, Krish combines the IT business continuity system with physical and cloud data centres that will shield your technology from the downtime.

Krish offers both custom DRaaS solutions and standalone disaster recovery solutions that are customizable for your Recovery Point and Recovery Time Objectives. 

Identify the systems and applications that need a faster recovery time 

Migrate workloads between cloud platforms and on-premises resources using disaster recovery tools 

The orchestration of failover and reconfiguration is fully automated 

 Krish provides comprehensive solutions to safeguard your business from downtime. Our approach makes it easy to add an additional disaster recovery site, enabling rapid recovery from any cloud site throughout the country. We meet your requirements for compliance, security, recovery points, and recovery time, regardless of whether you need a custom solution or one of our disaster recovery templates. 

Boost your IT resilience with

Instant Replication 

When compared to ineffective traditional methods, modern DR applications are capable of complete replication in a matter of minutes. 

Faster Recovery Time 

You can get back to work immediately after an outage by powering up your recovery environment. 

Customize based on your business needs 

Recovery time will be prioritized based on the critical need, whether it is a single application, a whole system, or a database. 

Exceptional Compatibility 

You can set up failover between VMware virtual servers, physical hardware and public hyperscale cloud like Azure. 

Managed Disaster Recovery Services 

We can manage and monitor your disaster recovery environment, backup files, and other aspects for you. Our recovery solutions are designed, implemented, and tested. 

The range of DevOps projects we can help with is vast but typically includes: 

Standard DRaaS 

The following tasks will be performed by Krish for a standard DRaaS service: 

During a Disaster Recovery Event 

Failback Event 

Scheduled Recovery Testing 

Regular Service Review

Inspecting and Reporting 

Choose Krish as your Disaster Recovery Partner

Krish can assist you with any component of your disaster recovery plan, such as backing up data, or creating a complete plan including recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO).

We ensure critical applications are up and running as quickly as possible by working within your recovery service levels (RSLs). If your organization does not already have an RSL, we can develop one for you.

Our disaster recovery data centres include work-recovery areas where your employees can set up shop and keep your business running, even if your primary work site is rendered unusable by a natural disaster. 

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