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IT Operations Management Services

Regardless of where your IT applications and services are hosted, Krish can handle the day-to-day management of your IT infrastructure. This consistent oversight helps us to ensure the performance and stability of your critical IT assets.

You can rely on Krish’s IT Operations management service to keep servers and applications stable, available, and performing at high levels all the time. Regular communications, updates, and preferences such as updating Windows, patching versions, and installing antivirus tools are handled by dedicated Project Managers and support staff.

ITOM Services Include

System Installation 

Initial installation with your preferred operating system, configuration and security enforcing. 

Monitoring and Alerts 

24/7 system surveillance from our monitoring centre with personalized threshold alerts. 

Device and Server Patching 

Our team will install and verify the latest patches according to your server configuration. 

Server Management 

An ITOM service package includes identity management, anti-malware, backup, and more. 

Firewall Management 

Our staff installs and manages your firewall, whether it's virtual or physical. 

Better Support for Your ITOM 

You can count on us to keep your technology up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The quick response guarantee from our Krish experts means you’ll never be left hanging. 

Access to quick customer support 

Troubleshooting, problem resolution and helpdesk 

Support coverage for an extensive variety of services and platforms

 A major benefit of engaging in IT Operations Management services at Krish is taking advantage of the flexible cloud billing. You can take as little or as much as you need based on your monthly cloud spend

We also provide a comprehensive IT operations management solution that ensures all your servers and applications are constantly available, stable, and performing at peak efficiency

ITOM for Krish Hosted Cloud 

With a certified team of VMware and Azure experts, we can handle all of your IT server management needs. A complete IT Operations service includes the following managed services components: 

 System Installation and Customization 

We’ll take care of deploying a few dedicated VMs, setting up your virtual server within your environment and configuring it based on your needs for memory, vCPU and attached storage. 

Configuring a system also means installing and updating the operating system, patching and securing the system, and applying industry best practices for security and server configuration. This newly configured server will be highly secure and ready to use. 

 Monitoring and Reporting 

We will constantly monitor the health of your Windows and Linux servers 24/7, and escalate any potential issues to your contacts and our engineering team. The following items are monitored based on configurable thresholds:

  • Server up or down state
  •  CPU usage
  •  Disk usage
  •  Disk performance
  •  Memory usage
  •  Network interface errors
  •  Network utilization
  •  Windows Service availability

System Updates 

Whenever new patches become available for the servers, we can install and verify them as part of our IT Operations Management service. 

The clients are well informed throughout the patch implementation process whenever there’s a requirement for any reboots or patching windows. Any upcoming patch installation will be notified at least one week in advance, and you can opt-out or change the maintenance schedule. 

Prior to the patching routine, Global Service Centre administrators will also take a snapshot of your VM whenever possible.  

Server Management 

Several of the above services, including OS patching and system monitoring, are included in comprehensive server management. It also adds the following services, representing significant value over purchasing each managed service individually:

Incorporating server management services gives the added advantage of having a significant value over investing in each managed services separately.

Backup management

  •  Anti-Malware
  •  Portal access to Configuration Manager
  •  Storage management
  •  Active Directory management
  •  DNS management
  •  Helpdesk services

Firewall Administration 

IT Operations Management includes managed firewall services to maintain network security. Whether you are using a cloud environment, a Krish facility, or on your own premises, our staff will deploy and manage your virtual or physical firewall solution. Our supported firewalls include:


  • VMWare vShield and NSX Edge
  •  Azure Firewall
  •  pfSense
  •  SonicWALL
  •  Cisco ASA
  •  Juniper
  •  Fortinet FortiGate
  •  Sophos XG and Virtual Security Appliance

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