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Managed Security Services

Krish provides an effective and efficient method for handling security risks and managing governance and compliance requirements.

Krish offers a comprehensive IT security portfolio that keeps your critical systems safe from malware and ransomware attacks such as data theft, infiltration and malicious shutdowns.

Training your users, adding monitoring and remediation tools, and removing vulnerabilities across your IT systems will help you avoid damage to your brand, governance expenses, compliance related expenses and loss of productivity.

Comprehensive Protection

Secure both the server and the user devices from vulnerabilities.

Training and Testing

Protect your staff from targeted attacks and phishing scams by educating them.

Dashboards and Reports

You will receive in-depth reports on your information security status.

Security Tools

Encryption, firewalls, anti-virus, anti-malware and ransomware protection.

Live Response

Our security experts assist in scanning and responding to incidents in live.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Our security experts at Krish follow a digital forensics and incident response hierarchy of needs. Among its features are audit log collection and audit agents, threat intelligence, incident response, and monitoring of IT security risks.

Based on the metrics defined by our security experts, we create processes and technical controls across your entire IT environment.

Dynamic Application Security Testing

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) refers to security testing for applications running outside of your server environment or network. With Krish DAST services, you can find out if your apps have vulnerabilities by examining common attack vectors and determining if your apps have any vulnerabilities. Our services include:

Endpoint Protection

Workloads on servers, workstations, and end-user devices are guarded by endpoint protection. Using an extensive range of anti-malware and anti-virus tools, firewalls, and detection and response tools, we help you set up defense-in-depth security controls at your host level. Components of Krish's managed endpoint protection services include:

These services can identify any existing and unknown malware, prevent ransomware and eliminate common exploit techniques.

With built-in web security features, you can block unwanted websites and malicious traffic while enforcing company policy. Devices and operating systems of various types can be protected with endpoint protection.

Vulnerability Assessment

With the vulnerability scanning of our security experts, we can identify known software flaws, such as misconfigurations and missing patches in applications and operating systems. An analysis of month-over-month trends is then done on this data to determine the overall efficacy of the vulnerability management program.

When you are regularly notified about the vulnerabilities across your entire IT environment, you can patch, update, or modify endpoints, servers, and services in order to fix any security holes.

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