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SharePoint Migration Services

Improve your transition from legacy systems to Microsoft 365 and SharePoint by integrating cloud files, mail, and Microsoft 365 tenants.

Most organizations have and may face concerns like application downtime, data loss, customizations, workflows, and security issues. Our SharePoint experts address all these concerns and more to make your migration journey less stressful.

Ensure data integrity without compromising security. The approach we take is time-tested and proven, regardless of the path!

Steps through Migration 

Our experts analyze current systems and obtain insights from the business to recommend the most effective way to upgrade with a manual approach or through third-party systems such as Microsoft Fast Track, etc.

Migration Phases 

Kick Off 


Discovery & Analysis of SharePoint Farm 


Source Remediation & Readiness 

Source Decommission

Migration Process 


  • Pre-requisites
  • Setup Migration Factory
  • Install and Configure migration tools
  • Identify sites for sample migration (High & Medium complex)
  • Content Database backups for sample sites
  • Execute sample migration
  • Validate and Remediate
  • Finalize the validation test cases
  • Update Remediation runbook
  • Sign off enable phase

Velocity Migration 

  • Velocity migration will happen in waves
  • Each wave will migrate up to 800GB* depending upon SharePoint Online threshold limitations
  • Send communications to site technical and content owners
  • UAT
  • Go-Live


  • Identify sites (up to 250 GB) for Pilot migration
  • Communicate with Site and Content Owners
  • Execute pilot migration
  • UAT
  • Go-Live

Post Migration Support  

Time boxed effort (2 resources) support will be provided at the end of migration 

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