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Microsoft SharePoint is an intelligent document management, collaboration, and intranet platform that is available as a standalone product and as part of Microsoft 365. The powerful enterprise search in SharePoint lets you find information across your organization easily, giving you the tools for sharing and seamless collaboration.

SharePoint is an excellent tool if your organization/company needs to collaborate on documents and files, access them from anywhere, and give different levels of access to different users.

From application development, SharePoint integration, and implementation to SharePoint deployment and management, Krish offers a full range of SharePoint-related services.

The Best Microsoft SharePoint Consultants 

Qualified SharePoint Experts 

Our SharePoint Consultants are experts in developing, deploying, increasing adoption, and supporting SharePoint applications. 

Experienced Consultants 

We have worked with some of the largest SharePoint deployments in the US Healthcare, Finance and Services industry. Our SharePoint experts have used every version of SharePoint and are up to date with the latest versions.  

Trusted Microsoft Partners 

Krish is an official Microsoft Gold Partner, with a proven track record of outstanding performance in the industry. 

Our SharePoint Services 


SharePoint Implementation 

Krish offers both SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-premises implementation services. We follow best practices in order to ensure that your short-term and long-term needs are met effectively. 


SharePoint Development 

Our SharePoint development and customization services include building SharePoint solutions, apps, site templates, workflows and more. By developing robust tools, we help organizations improve employee collaboration and accomplish job tasks efficiently. 


SharePoint Consulting 

As SharePoint consultants, we help your company improve the effectiveness and adoption of its existing SharePoint solution by addressing disorganized workflows and poor communication. With our SharePoint Consulting services, you will receive SharePoint On-Premises, SharePoint customizations, SharePoint migrations, and intranet portal development in Microsoft 365. 


Microsoft Licensing Consultancy 

Every organization is unique with different priorities, budgets, and ways of working. As a Microsoft Gold Partner and reputed SharePoint consultant, we help you choose the most appropriate products and licensing for your organization. 


SharePoint Migration and Upgrades 

By migrating third-party solutions to SharePoint or SharePoint solutions to a newer version or platform, or moving them to the cloud, a company's digital workplace can gain increased productivity and costs can be reduced. We can migrate your existing SharePoint systems (2010 or earlier versions) to the latest version with SharePoint migration services by addressing your concerns. 


SharePoint Intranets 

Our SharePoint consultants assist you in designing, building, and branding your organization's SharePoint intranet, customizing your information architecture, as well as providing advice on governance requirements to meet the needs of your specific user groups. 


SharePoint Integration 

The SharePoint integration service enables users to connect solutions such as CRM, DMS, and ERP with SharePoint and ensures interoperability. As an experienced SharePoint provider, we assist organizations in integrating SharePoint and CRM, to gain the benefits of centralized content management and full-featured collaboration. 


SharePoint Support and Maintenance 

We provide SharePoint support and maintenance services to enable users to achieve their business goals by ensuring that SharePoint is performing at its best. With our SharePoint support and maintenance services, we can help your business achieve its objectives. 


Microsoft Teams 

We consult with our clients on the best approaches for adopting, implementing, and supporting Microsoft Teams, which is highly integrated with SharePoint and part of the Microsoft 365 products. 

Why choose Krish for SharePoint Services? 

With countless migration projects under our belt, we are capable of seamlessly transferring your existing system over to SharePoint. As a part of our migration services, we help you organize and restructure your documents in a way that is more dynamic, user-friendly, and easier to manage. Our team of experts will handle migration and integration with other Microsoft services, such as Azure and Dynamics, so you do not have to do anything.

Krish has been providing comprehensive SharePoint development services since 2011 by developing user-friendly, feature-rich SharePoint applications for seamless collaboration. With our SharePoint experts, we can provide end-to-end customized SharePoint solutions for your business. From SMBs to multinational enterprises, our company provides SharePoint solutions to organizations around the world.

“It might surprise you that Microsoft no longer supports SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010 on a mainstream level.”

Today is the day to start your upgrade journey. Krish provides experts in all things Microsoft and is uniquely placed to help support you in every aspect of your SharePoint solution. 

Already using Microsoft SharePoint? 

Already using Microsoft SharePoint? 

Besides helping clients migrate to SharePoint or SharePoint Online, our consultants can provide ongoing support and guidance to existing SharePoint users, so that they can leverage all the features of their current SharePoint installation.

Many businesses have Microsoft 365 and SharePoint installed and set up without using them to their full potential. Microsoft’s applications simplify business processes, improve data management, promote collaborative document creation, and offer universal storage.

We offer SharePoint consulting services for updates, troubleshooting and more. During our audit, we will assess your current processes to determine what needs improvement, any existing pain points, and any areas of opportunity. We’ll help you make your daily work more efficient and secure by using SharePoint.

Expert SharePoint Consultancy designed for your business 

As a Microsoft SharePoint specialist, Krish can help its clients get the most out of the SharePoint system and our tailored workflows maximize every feature of the system. Our SharePoint experts design and build solutions that are flexible, secure and comprehensively supported.  

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