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Complete Managed IT Services 

At Krish, we provide complete managed services for any operating systems, platforms, and software services that your organization uses every day. With Krish as your backup partner, you only must worry about your business operations and growth.  

The Best Microsoft Consultants 

Cloud Backups 

With the increased frequency of cyberattacks, rapid data growth, the need for 100% uptime SLAs, and the increasing regulatory compliance standards, almost all companies are rethinking their backup strategies. The importance of having easy-access backup becomes more evident during prolonged restore times, especially when crucial data is being shared.

Secured Storage 

Using custom encryption, Krish protects your data even while transferring it to the backup environment. 

Eliminate Duplication 

To maintain optimal performance and reduce costs, removing duplicate objects and files becomes imperative.  

Data Backup 

As a provider of backup solutions for both cloud and data centers, we are qualified partners that support data backup.

Everyday Monitoring 

Managed backup as a service is equipped with guaranteed performance as it is constantly being monitored. 

24/7 Support 

We are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ​365 days a year to ensure dedicated support. ​ 

Backup as a Service

BaaS (Backup as a Service) is a service that connects your critical systems to a public, private, or hybrid cloud based on the application. Whether you are using a virtualized environment, a remote office, or NAS devices, Backup as a Service offers a safe and secure backup solution. 

The use of network bandwidth and backup windows can be reduced 

Take advantage of single-step recovery 

Create a backup policy that
meets your needs 

Add or remove capacity as needed for a smoother performance 

In addition to snapshot tools, Krish offers backup appliances and applications. Deduplication technology in modern BaaS reduces the file size and bandwidth requirements for a successful deployment of BaaS. With Krish in the picture, our team will ensure daily backups and remove redundant sub-file data segments. We are capable of recovering the data backup at a quick and easy rate.

The main advantage of Backup as a Service is its cost-saving approach. As BaaS is billed based on actual storage usage, customers have complete control over the retention period.

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