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Revolutionizing Healthcare Industry

At a glance By combining our deep understanding of the healthcare industry with cutting-edge technologies, we have successfully partnered with three prominent healthcare organizations and significantly improved their clinical workflows, patient outcomes, and overall healthcare experiences. Challenges 1. Fragmented Communication and Coordination Inefficient communication channels among healthcare providers. Lack of real-time collaboration impacting patient care… Continue reading Revolutionizing Healthcare Industry

Client: Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute

Challenge Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute approached Krish with the requirement to automate their program accessibility process through an easy-to-navigate app for a course that teaches relaxation techniques and strategies for reducing stress. Web Application Solution We designed, developed, and provided support for the Stress Free Now application, that allows participants to – Register Access a… Continue reading Client: Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute

Client: MBMA

Challenges The MBMA Library provides its members with access to hundreds of technical reports and required a portal that provides two things: Safe access to documents User friendly features that allow members to search, sort, and download the documents; and administrators to upload, label, manage their resources, and retrieve web activity statistics. Solution We developed… Continue reading Client: MBMA

Client: MedApproved

Challenge MedApproved required applications that cater effective product approval processes for hospitals and vendors, like, document sharing, communication across stakeholder groups, and customizable multi-step workflows. Solution Krish developed multiple applications and provided hosting services on Azure for MedApproved – a SaaS that streamlines the complex product approval process for hospitals and vendors. As a hub… Continue reading Client: MedApproved

Client: PNC

Challenge PNC required to migrate their complete data, which consisted to thousands of sites and several terabytes onto a private cloud. Solution Krish migrated PNC’s SharePoint 2007 on-premise environment to SharePoint 2013 in a private cloud. We engaged in all phases of the migration, including: planning, analysis, architecture, governance, communications, and scripting. We also issued… Continue reading Client: PNC

Client: Cuyahoga Community College

Challenge Ohio’s oldest and largest public community college – Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) had a requisite for management of Tri-C’s intranet and extranet. Solution Krish provided managed services for Tri-C’s intranet and extranet, both of which are hosted on on-premise SharePoint 2013 farms. In addition to reviewing and resolving event logs, optimizing system utilization, deploying… Continue reading Client: Cuyahoga Community College

Client: Eaton

Challenge Eaton required consultation for their on-premise and Office 365 SharePoint environment Solution Krish provided consulting services and a site provisioning framework for Eaton’s on-premise and Office 365 SharePoint environment. Tenants were evaluated based on business rules and regulatory requirements, such as ITAR. We also provided best practices consulting for designing and developing solutions that… Continue reading Client: Eaton

Client: The Chas E. Phipps

Challenge The Chas E. Phipps had a requisite for a solution that allows their employees to effectively collaborate and make informed business decisions. Solution Krish designed and developed a new intranet and a custom product evaluation solution on Office 365 for Phipps, catering to their above requisite. We migrated Phipps’ legacy data from an existing… Continue reading Client: The Chas E. Phipps

Client: Delos

Challenge Delos had a requisite for an app that highlights their best wellness practices and other features for potential and existing guests. Solution Krish developed several Delos’s Stay Well mobile apps for hotels, such as the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. These mobile apps bring Delos’s best practices for wellness in the built environment to… Continue reading Client: Delos

Client: BarKeep4U

Challenge Barkeep4U is a startup SaaS that allows ordering and paying for pickup from restaurants. Thus, they required a mobile app that can be used by patrons. Solution Krish designed, developed, and maintained the user-friendly mobile app used by patrons and the web application used by restaurants to manage orders. The Way Forward Custom Mobile… Continue reading Client: BarKeep4U