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Architectural Choices For Azure AD Authentication

When developing a custom application, Azure AD provides different choices to authenticate the users based on the targeted audience. In this webinar, we will be going through the below concepts with use cases and examples.

  • Azure AD Authentication
  • Azure AD B2B
  • Azure AD B2C
  • Azure AD B2B – Collaboration using Microsoft applications (Microsoft 365, Teams, etc.) or your own applications (SaaS apps, custom-developed apps, etc.)

Azure AD B2C – Identity and access management for modern SaaS or custom-developed applications (not first-party Microsoft apps).

Some of the questions we will be addressing as part of this Webinar.

  • Primary use case and intended audience for each scenario.
  • What Identities are supported and how to manage them?
  • Single Sign-On Support
  • How does the customization and branding works in each scenario?

This topic will be presented on by Peruri Srinivasulu & Ravi Vuruturu, Senior members of Krish Services Group, a Microsoft Gold Partner.


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