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SharePoint Framework SPFx Webinar

This webinar covers SPFx Framework that integrates with all Office 365 workloads securely.

Develop your apps to perfectly fit into SharePoint (on-premises & online) Modern UI and Microsoft Teams using the latest Microsoft recommended development framework called “SharePoint Framework (SPFx)”. SPFx integrates well with all Office 365 workloads securely without any additional effort.

SharePoint App Development

Historically, we all created web parts as full trust C# assemblies that were installed on the cloud servers. However, current development models for the most part involve JavaScript running in a browser making REST API calls to the SharePoint and Office 365 back-end workloads. C# assemblies don’t work in this world. We needed a new development model. The SharePoint Framework is the next evolution in SharePoint development.

SharePoint Migrations

Are you planning to migrate your SharePoint on-premises content to SharePoint Online? Well, the custom solutions deployed on-premises will not work as-is in SPO. We will help you assess, analyze, and re-build the solutions using SharePoint Framework.

Microsoft Teams App Development

There are two main benefits for using the SharePoint Framework to build for Microsoft Teams: simplified hosting and ease of integration with APIs secured with Azure Active Directory.

Join us and experience real-world demos on how and where to use SharePoint Framework. Register by filling the form on the right.


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